Can equip volunteers to collect donations in the street, during events, on a support under surveillance …

Ideal for collecting donations during events, the generous terminal is very mobile. You can choose the cause to support, the amount of the donation, and enter your email address to obtain a tax receipt.

The generous terminal offers the possibility of paying in contactless mode, or with code control. This terminal can credit several different accounts.

Payment Option:

  • Contactless payment for less than EUR 50
  • Payment with code control for more than EUR 50,
  • Printing an instant customer ticket
  • Sending a customer ticket via its email address
  • Sending a handwritten ticket
  • Printing an instant merchant ticket.

Donation Option:

  • It is possible to propose one or more associations/projects
  • Preset or free-amounts
  • Contactless payment for a donation of less than EUR 50
  • Payment with code control for a donation of more than EUR 50
  • Printing an instant donor ticket
  • Sending the donor ticket directly via his email address.

Protective cover

The quest basket

The table stand

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