Customizable donation terminals in different formats to suit your context


This waterproof (even vandal-proof) terminal can be placed outdoors, in public places, hospitals, stations, gardens, and any other open space.

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Indoor terminal

Suitable for monuments, places of worship, head offices …

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Petite borne

Suitable for candle counters in places of worship, on a counter in store …

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Generous terminal

Can equip volunteers to collect donations in the street, during events, on a support under surveillance …

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Solutions for a win-win partnership between companies and actors of the general interest

Association, foundation, public institution

Heoh allows you to facilitate donations, with innovative collection tools.
The donation collection terminal, a proven collection solution.

  • Certified, robust and suitable material
  • Our advice and expertise at your service
  • Comprehensive collection reports
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Support an association whose cause is in line with your values.
The donation collection terminal, a committed fundraising tool that strengthens social ties.

  • Unique visibility with donors
  • A powerful communication tool with added value
  • A tax deduction on the purchase of 60%
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Heoh, Controlled or certified by

Our solutions, Marketed or prescribed by

Heoh, partner of the French banking system

Heoh’s collection points are completely secure.

  • Compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) security standards, and are equipped with GIE CB certified equipment.

  • The flows are managed only by large French banks and comply with the regulations governing collection on behalf of third parties.

  • Each donation is fully traceable, from payment to delivery to the beneficiary association.

  • Heoh created Heoh Payments, a banking institution guaranteeing security and traceability of donations.


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